Why Become an HD Vest Independent Financial Advisor?

Partnering with the right broker/dealer can be pivotal to helping you truly optimize your practice to its fullest potential. At HD Vest Financial Services® our client-centric focus is built around helping you attain this important goal and our model proves it.

As an Independent Advisor, you have an opportunity to build your own independent business and retain full ownership of your practice. Best of all, you’re far from alone. We work with you on an ongoing basis to support your independent business, providing the resources you require to help build a practice that can provide tangible value for you and your family when you’re ready to sell or retire.


Benefits of Joining HD Vest

  • Improve client service: You have the freedom to do what is best for your clients. You can build relationships with your clients based on their needs, resulting in a loyal client base that’s more likely to generate referrals.
  • Increase income potential: Higher payouts and greater control over expenses can help you increase profitability, which means you keep more of the income you earn.
  • One of the only referral networks in the independent business model that works: A portion of our Advisors are non-tax professionals and by partnering our tax professionals with experienced Advisors through our Partners Program, both parties benefit from dual success.
  • Choose your business model: Independence provides the opportunity to develop your own business strategy, including determining how you will serve your clients.
  • Access our flexible advisory platform: Our advisory platform provides the fully-integrated, flexible advantage you seek in managing client assets.
  • Serve a broader range of client needs: Our innovative partnership program provides you and your clients with ready access to like-minded tax professionals to ensure a truly holistic approach to delivering client solutions.
  • Build equity in your own business: Independence allows you to lay the foundation for a successful future by building equity in your own business.

For You and Your Clients

Ongoing support helps ensure success — for you and your clients

Your dedicated Wealth Management Services team are your experienced guides who will assist you in getting up to speed on all that you need to know in order to holistically serve your clients and grow your business. As your business partner and coach, your consultants will support you with answers to questions pertaining to client situations, portfolio reviews, product support, investment recommendations, insurance analysis, retirement reviews, business-planning issues, legacy concerns and financial planning needs.


Get Started Today

As an HD Vest Advisor, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive level of support that enables you to focus on serving the full range of your clients’ needs, including:

  • Multiple advisory products
  • Suite of insurance and banking products
  • Product specialists specifically focused on retirement, insurance and estate planning
  • Training, coaching and mentoring
  • Professional development programs and networking opportunities
  • Lead generation
  • Advanced technology solutions
  • Comprehensive marketing, operations and practice management support
  • Compliance oversight
  • Marketing and social media programs