Strategic Partnerships Program

Since 2003, we’ve seen our most successful “partnerships” more than double their rolling gross.


The Referral Growth Model Reinvented

There’s a reason why the HD Vest Strategic Partnerships Program referral growth model has succeeded where others have failed. Based on our deep understanding of how advisors choose to do business, we know that not all tax advisors want to provide extensive financial services, and not all financial advisors want to become tax professionals or CPAs. Yet both share a common goal: to provide their clients with the best possible combination of tax and financial advice that places client interests first.

The HD Vest Strategic Partnerships Program was developed to deliver on this goal. Through our revolutionary model, both partners benefit from shared expertise while having a vested interest in each other’s success. In fact, since its inception in 2003, we’ve seen our most successful partnerships more than double their rolling gross.


"Participation in the HD Vest Strategic Partnerships Program is a business decision that gives you the opportunity to enhance your client relationships and embark on a rewarding partnership with another HD Vest Advisor."


Financial services providers have spent years developing referral programs meant to help advisors grow their client base. Yet most come down to two strategies: asking current clients for referrals and chasing leads. While both of these activities can result in closing new business, more often than not, the time and energy spent outweighs the results.

A primary reason these programs fall short is that they’re not actually programs at all – they’re simply tactics.

For a referral program to work, it needs four primary components:
  •  A measurable objective
  •  A well-conceived strategy
  •  A proven track record
  •  Ongoing and active support


A program that works for all the right reasons

Financial advisors and tax professionals share a similar challenge – if they are not able to provide an area of services or advice themselves, they are left with only one option – refer their treasured clients to someone who may not have shared interests for their client. By partnering a tax professional with a like-minded HD Vest financial Advisor, both Advisors gain a partner they can trust, providing an incentive to refer their clients. In addition, each has a partner vested in his or her success to strategize with and bounce ideas off of in solving client challenges. Most of all, the resulting win-win situation elevates the service provided to each client and that translates to strong client retention and the generation of more client referrals.


Building Your Referral Growth Model

Choose the Right Partner
The process begins by pairing you with an HD Vest financial Advisor or tax professional in a mutually beneficial revenue sharing relationship. Experience tells us if the dynamics of your personalities aren’t a good fit, your partnership won’t be either. For this reason, we encourage you to meet and get to know one another.

Once an ideal fit is established, we help you and your partner leverage your unique talents to attain the goals you originally sought to achieve: better serve your clients, increase profitability and grow your practice.

Define Your Partnership
The next step is just as important as the first – establishing the parameters of your partnership. While we provide you with a framework, the ultimate details of your arrangement are decided by you and your partner. Not us. That means you define your payout, services and referral model.

We know one size doesn’t fit all. Only you and your partner know the intricacies of your business. By deciphering each partner’s involvement in the business activity, you’re able to formulate your own unique model that will reap the results you want. Those details are then sealed in an agreement – complete with a non-compete clause – safeguarding both your best interests.

Get Started Today

Benefit from HD Vest Ongoing Support
Our dedicated team is focused on helping you fully optimize this program every step of the way. While our model removes the pain of soliciting referrals, we also remove the growing pains that can be associated with a new partnership. We do this by providing dedicated support. Our years of experience have taught us what common roadblocks you may encounter. As a result, we provide the following support to ensure nothing lies in your way by:

  • Assigning a Wealth Management Support consultant and Strategic Partnership Program manager to lead you through the process – you will always have an experienced partner walking alongside you.
  • Providing training including partnership guides, newsletters highlighting best practices and our online HD Vest University – you have a safety net to always fall back on.
  • Our robust professional development programs, including local Chapter meetings, as well as our Coaching and Mentoring programs ensure you remain up-to-date on professional and industry developments, training and continuing education.
  • Offering tools to streamline and track your partnership – we make it easy to maintain order.
  • Tracking, compensation and reporting for your account – we absorb the hassle of paperwork.