Leveraging Your Competitive Advantage


You’ve built a successful tax practice, but how are you leveraging your deep knowledge of your clients’ financial situation to support their growing need for the level of objective and holistic advice you can provide? While you use the 1040 to provide clients with tax advice, it can also be leveraged to identify broad range of financial needs. That makes offering financial services a natural extension of your tax practice. And if you can prepare tax returns, you’ve got what it takes to pass securities licensing exams.

Harnessing Your Unique Advantage

Let’s be honest, most investment planners are unaware of the tax implications associated with certain investment decisions. You see it every year. Nor do they have a full view of a client’s financial statement. That’s why your tax knowledge makes you an ideal solution for offering financial services. Considering the tax equation when working on a financial plan gives you a unique advantage and, more importantly, helps your clients better manage their financial future. At HD Vest were committed to helping you leverage this knowledge to your advantage and our model proves it.

Top 5 Reasons to Add Financial Services to Your Tax Practice
  •   Increase value to clients
  •   Increase income to your practice
  •   Provide a single source of expertise for clients and remain competitive
  •   Increase client retention and referrals
  •   Establish recurring and diversified revenue streams
HD Vest Gets It

Only HD Vest offers a smart model customized to your needs as a tax professional. We understand the unique needs of tax professionals because we were founded by one. That’s a leading reason why we’ve successfully helped thousands of tax professionals realize their potential through adding financial services to their tax practices. Best of all, we provide a roadmap and all the support you need to get started today, including:

  • Easy production requirements
  • Training focused on effectively integrating your tax and financial practices
  • Professional development opportunities outside of tax season
  • Full acceptance of your tax practice

We recognize taxes are your priority. As a result, we’ve built our support model around your unique needs:

  • We offer extended hours during tax season
  • All training is scheduled outside of tax season
  • Our consultants understand taxes – you don’t have to educate us
  • We have unique and proprietary tools designed specifically to help you leverage the tax return