A LONG history of innovation

Join us as we celebrate more than 30 years of supporting Advisors who help their clients pursue a holistic approach to financial well-being.

At HD Vest, our deep understanding of what clients seek in a wealth management relationship started with one CPA operating a successful tax and accounting practice. He began noticing a growing need for clients to receive financial advice that aligned with their tax situation and strategies. While his tax professional peers referred their clients to someone else, he recognized that this solution was not always in their best interest. Often, clients were placed in the wrong investments by advisors who either did not fully understand the implications or failed to consider the client’s complete financial situation.

Not content to watch from the sidelines, he pioneered an industry change and formed HD Vest Financial Services ®, tirelessly lobbying to allow tax professionals to offer financial services, essentially reinventing the manner in which financial services could be delivered to clients.

Reinventing the Way America Invests

Helping today’s investors obtain the financial advice they seek from trusted financial advisors and tax professionals continues to be our mission. We are proud to celebrate more than 30 years of helping Advisors and their clients pursue a comprehensive approach to financial well-being.

Today, HD Vest has grown into a substantial platform supporting a range of Advisors, many with tax professionals at their roots, and independent advisors, all of whom have realized the strength of our value proposition and our continuing tradition of “family culture.”


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