HD Vest Marketing Platforms

HD Vest offers robust marketing platforms to assist our Advisors in retaining their clients and growing their practices. Through this offering, our Advisors have the unique opportunity to feature both the tax and financial planning sides of their practice together. We provide our Advisors with a roadmap of how to get started and create a marketing experience they can easily engage in and manage on an ongoing basis including social media, websites and an online marketing library provider. These marketing tools work together to build a strong brand presence and enable Advisors to create a platform for client and prospect communications and support.


The MARKETplace is an online portal exclusive to HD Vest Advisors that allows you direct access to HD Vest marketing materials, value-add approved content from our Educational Partners and tips and best practices from the HD Vest Marketing team on how to effectively brand and market your practice. You can even order free HD Vest marketing materials directly from the site, download customizable client letters/emails and press releases, and so much more!

Our Strategic Partners

Hearsay Social

Social media has revolutionized marketing. HD Vest has partnered with Hearsay Social, a social media platform that makes it easy for HD Vest Advisors to engage with existing clients and grow their client base through LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter. Hearsay Social can provide you with a social media management experience that’s easy to set up, maintain, and stay compliant. With Hearsay Social, you can engage current clients, discover planning opportunities, attract new clients, and enhance your name recognition.

FMG Suite

Best known for their websites, FMG Suite has developed a completely integrated marketing solution that will help you attract new clients and prospects on a regular basis. FMG websites allow you to feature both your tax and investment offerings, and they include eye-catching visuals, entertaining videos, informative online presentations, an optional videotaped personal message from you, and more. You can tailor your website to fit your unique personality and business philosophy. It’s more than a website – it’s an interactive experience that builds your client base and generates new referrals.


RangeBrands uses a cost-effective approach to develop high-impact, fully customized marketing materials designed specifically for financial advisors. RangeBrands captures what makes your business unique, what your style is and what you’re looking for, and their team of creative talent develops concepts that reflect your firm’s values. RangeBrands offers a full suite of graphic, copywriting and printing services.


MarketingPro is an extensive online library of marketing messages and new technology that allows Advisors to route items to compliance for approval. Thousands of messages are currently available for download – all written by seasoned, professional financial copywriters—and new, topical content is added every week.