A unique, automated mining tool brought to you exclusively through HD Vest, the 1040 Analyst® allows an Advisor to seamlessly integrate a clients’ tax data from the Form 1040 and provide a customized client output highlighting financial services opportunities that may help chart a new course. This roadmap provides a thoughtful forum for financial services conversations.



At HD Vest, we believe that the holistic approach a tax professional can bring to their client’s planning process by leveraging the 1040 Analyst is unrivaled. Exclusively available through HD Vest and meticulously designed with our Advisors in mind, it is specifically intended for tax professionals offering financial services and streamlined to integrate the top tax software programs used by most tax professionals:

  • Lacerte
  • ProSeries
  • UltraTax
  • Drake
  • ATX
  • ProSystems fx®
  • TaxAct Professional

Leveraging technology that you are currently using, it saves you time and money, while allowing a deeper cultivation of client relationships. Put simply, no other Advisors can approach the financial planning* conversation this way.

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Innovation You Can Depend On

The 1040 Analyst allows you to illustrate your clients’ financial opportunities and blind spots based on their actual, individual tax data, which results in a fully customized report. Completely scalable, you can upload one or all of your clients’ tax data into the 1040 Analyst and a highly sophisticated algorithm analyzes that data and generates a customized, client-presentable report that highlights their specific vulnerabilities and opportunities. The tool not only provides you with an easy, repeatable process, but the customized “read” data helps you “make it personal.” That personal experience coupled with the right recommendations is what drives your clients back to you and compels them to refer you to their friends and family.


The 1040 Analyst can benefit any Advisor who is interested in working smarter and not harder, as it helps you effortlessly zero in on clients’ needs and communicate clearly to the client their vulnerability, the reason for that vulnerability and a recommended solution. This allows you to save time, retain existing clients and acquire new ones by providing tangible evidence of your unique value proposition.

For Advisors with large tax practices of 500 or more clients, it provides a fully automated way to identify client opportunities on a large scale, without losing the ability to connect with them on a personal level, and it allows you to mine your book of business more efficiently. Because of the automation, it’s completely transferable to your team, which provides optimal systematization of your practice.

Contact us to find out more about what makes this invaluable tool the roadmap to guide your client conversations, give you confidence in offering investment solutions, and position your practice for success.

Want to kick the tires on this powerful engine?

Through the 1040 Analyst Lite you may input 6 key data elements from the client’s tax return to get a sample of the type of algorithm and output suggestions.

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*Subject to appropriate licensing, HD Vest offers different types of accounts and levels of service that can have important implications in terms of the legal rights and responsibilities that attach to your relationship with HD Vest. Unless you have separately contracted for investment advisory or financial planning services, any analysis performed is not an investment advisory account or a comprehensive review of all of your financial needs in connection with a financial plan. Not all HD Vest Advisors are licensed to offer all products or services.