At HD Vest we believe that financial goals should be well-defined and realistic with a sound plan that allows you and your clients to chart their progress – not obscure, ideals that are difficult to measure. And you should have the flexibility to make changes due to unexpected life events or market instabilities. But most importantly, we believe that the client is the most critical component of their plan and it should directly reflect their vision for their future. That’s why we created VestVision, a retirement and investment planning system that provides you and your clients with the tools and technology needed to:

  • Identify and prioritize their life goals,
  • Decide on an appropriate investment strategy,
  • Monitor their progress, and
  • Make revisions whenever necessary.


VestVision utilizes a comprehensive, eight-step process to help you easily identify client priorities, develop investment plans, and ultimately, bring your clients’ future into focus:

  1. Define major life goals
  2. Determine realistic and acceptable goals
  3. Prioritize goals
  4. Stress-test goals
  5. Make a recommendation
  6. Implement allocation
  7. Monitor progress
  8. Add new goals or reprioritize

With its Advisor- and Client-focused philosophy, VestVision offers customization, transparency, flexibility and ease of mind.The process and the output present a clear picture of your clients’ desires for their future and the path that will help them get there.

Customization – The interactive VestVision Learning Ladder offers customized plans tailored to your clients’ individual goals and priorities instead of following a one-size-fits-all approach.

Transparency – Your clients’ progress is outlined in black and white. All you have to do is follow their personal benchmark which moves up and down in correlation to the value of their investments. You can generate quarterly status reports that show their progress toward their goals in relation to their Comfort Zone® and upcoming influxes and outflows.

Flexibility – Your clients' plan isn’t etched in stone. You can modify it as life changes arise, such as:

  • medical costs,
  • marriage/divorce,
  • education funding,
  • long-term care costs,
  • inheritance, or
  • career change.

You also have the option of seeing what the potential impact of adding a goal or charting a new course would be on your client’s existing plan. VestVision can forecast how this will affect their ability to reach their objectives and even test different scenarios to see which option will yield the best results.

Ease of mind – Essential to the VestVision planning process is the "Stress Test", which simultaneously evaluates your clients’ goals, their investment allocation and their assets to give you and them the best inclination as to whether or not they are on target to reach their goals to help them manage their expectations.

VestVision Introductory Video

This short animated video covers the VestVision process in an easy to understand way.

VestVision is based upon the software, patents, copyrights and some of the trademarks owned, developed by or exclusively licensed to Wealthcare Capital Management LLC. (“Wealthcare”). All Wealthcare content within VestVision supports the use of Wealthcare’s method and system for financial advising, its method, system and computer program for auditing financial plans, the system and method for incorporating mortality risk in an investment planning model, and the related terminology specific to its patents are used under license from Wealthcare. (U.S. Patents numbers 6,947,904/7,562,040/7,650,303/7,865,138/7,991,675). HD Vest Advisors are responsible for developing individualized investment recommendations or financial and investment plans for their clients.