Technology is one factor that differentiates you from the competition. And, it’s also one that differentiates HD Vest as a firm. We recognize one of the best ways to ensure the utmost efficiency and accuracy in your business is by enabling you to manage your entire practice with the click of a mouse.

Our commitment to technology enables HD Vest Advisors to work efficiently and productively as we deliver on your need for timely and accurate information, trade execution and strategy implementation. Online client account access and communications provide you with instant access to securities quotes, financial news, and up-to-the-minute information on investments. And you can feel secure in the knowledge that our top priority is making sure your clients’ personal information is safe. Additionally we have created unique tools designed specifically for our Advisors, many whose roots started and remain in taxes, to help them leverage their own unique advantage.



Comprehensive portal to support Advisor productivity

  • Allows you to manage all your financial services tasks through a single, secure portal
  • Provides access to training modules for practice and professional development
  • Delivers updates on industry news, compliance policies and corporate events
  • Displays important information and action items sorted by priority
  • Offers practice management, security, sales and marketing tips and materials

1040 Analyst®

Automated tool to help tax professionals capture financial services opportunities

  • Integrates your clients’ tax data from the four most popular tax software programs
  • Provides a professionally-branded, customized report of your clients’ financial planning opportunities
  • Uploads tax data and generates reports for one or all clients at once


Full-service hub for managing client assets

  • Offers a three-tier, real-time view of your entire book of business from one location
  • Generates client lists, performance reports and documentation with a mouse click
  • Adds new clients automatically and prompts you to update existing client information or resolve errors


Brokerage and advisory account opening and maintenance tool

  • Offers streamlined processing that reduces errors
  • Eliminates the danger of out-of-date documents or forms
  • Minimizes the number of client forms to be signed
  • Provides information prompts when opening new accounts


Recognized research database

  • Provides powerful research and analysis
  • Delivers objective information easily understood by clients
  • Offers FINRA-reviewed reports and proposals
  • Utilizes intuitive interface that combines all the resources needed to conduct fundamental investment research quickly and efficiently

Trade Management Tool

Modeling, rebalancing and mutual fund trading tool

  • Streamlines building the model or rebalancing accounts in one simple step
  • Provides sample models to use as a starting point
  • Sends notifications when an account is out of sync
  • Submits mutual fund trades directly to the trading platform
  • Saves time when it comes to rebalancing accounts