Being an HD Vest Advisor is more than just having tools and products to use for your practice. It’s being connected to a family of tax and financial Advisors who are committed to seeing each other succeed. More than 30 years of experience has taught us that the best way to grow your practice is by learning from your peers. At HD Vest we offer a family culture where seasoned Advisors are eager to share their best practices to help you reach new milestones. Through our tailored programs, you are able to sharpen your skills and be part of an Advisor force like none other in the industry.

Proven Training Benefits

  • Advisors who attend our VestStartTM workshop increase their rolling gross by 100% within the first 12 months.
  • Advisors who have attended our CONNECTTM Conference, on average, produce six times more revenue. That’s why we send all new Advisors to their first conference for no cost!
  • We offer over 100 different Chapter meetings across the U.S. – with nearly 20 years of best practices experience!
  • We offer one of the most successful networking programs in the industry!

We offer approximately 750 different training events on average each year!



As a new Advisor, VestStart gives you a competitive advantage in generating more revenue from your practice. Held at the corporate office in Irving, Texas, VestStart is an intensive workshop designed to provide practical and direct applications to being a financial advisor. This two-and-a-half-day course ultimately empowers you as you gain a greater comfort level in offering investment planning from the tax return. The most powerful component of VestStart is your ability to gain insight from top-producing Advisors who co-facilitate classes. This training is your opportunity to glean the knowledge of a successful Advisor who has walked in your very shoes and attained success.

CONNECT Conference

CONNECT Conference is our annual three-day convention that offers more than 120 courses and attracts as many as 1,200 Advisors nationwide. These courses are game changers in helping you increase efficiency, generate revenue and more importantly, obtain professional growth!

What makes CONNECT Conference so unique is the significant networking opportunities that allow you to meet staff, other Advisors and investment sponsors and learn from nationally-recognized guest speakers.

Workshops are designed to meet all Advisor needs, regardless of experience, and include subject matters such as:
  • Retirement planning
  • Sales techniques
  • Economic analysis
  • Fee-based consulting
  • Business-building tools
  • Marketing platforms
  • Estate-planning techniques
  • Social media

Chapter Meetings

It’s no surprise that networking is a great way to grow both your skill set and practice. That’s why we offer monthly half-day seminars in more than 100 cities across the country. Chapter meetings give you an easy way to connect with the HD Vest community and develop a support network for your career. You also learn valuable insight and can receive CPE and CE credit. Each meeting provides training in current economic events, specific investment services, solutions, technical information, and marketing ideas, as well as a chance to hear about the latest corporate developments. Through the connections made and newly attained knowledge, Chapter meetings perfectly position you to experience new growth!

Top Five Benefits of Attending Chapter Meetings:

  1. Connect with the HD Vest community, including other Advisors and assistants in your area, Educational Partners and the HD Vest leadership team.
  2. Develop a support network for your investment-planning career where you can learn best practices and hear firsthand what’s working for your peers.
  3. Increase your knowledge of the business with timely modules that you can discuss with clients.
  4. Learn from a role model. Our Chapter Directors are dedicated to helping others succeed. Choose one in your area and get to know them.
  5. Earn continuing education (CE) credits! Chapter meetings offer CPE and CE for the following designations: CPA, CFP®, CLU, ChFC®, and EA.